NC | Interactive Media Designer

In 1999 I started taking classes at Massachusetts Communications College. After a couple years of schooling, I found an internship at the Laidlaw Group in Boston's Fort-Point Artist's District. I learned a great deal about typography and print techniques; all while developing web sites, editing video, and much more.

In 2006 I received my bachelors degree in Interactive Media Design which would soon broaden my horizons. I then started working with a Boston based company called Neoscape as their first in-house web-developer. Neoscape was the best Architectural rendering company in the World at that time, winning more awards then any of their competitors. It was a fascinating company to work for, as they used ground breaking technology. At that time, most of their staff was comprised of 3D artist's, which meant there were a lot of talented minds to learn from. When I first started at Neoscape, I was mostly working on video editing, compositing, with some web work. Towards the end of my career with Neoscape, there was so much flash work to be done that I didn't have anytime to help with 3d or video.

After almost 10 years of living in Boston, I decided it was once more time for a change in pace. I wanted to try something new and exciting. After taking some trips out West, I decided I wanted to try living closer to the mountains. I began looking for jobs in places like Boulder, Salt Lake City, Tahoe, Denver, Vancouver, etc..

After tons of interviewing and great consideration, I took a job with Whitney Advertising and Design in Park City, UT. I learned a lot of valuable skills, while at Whitney Advertising. These skills included PHP development, Relational Database Architecture, Jquery, Shopsite, Wordpress, Ruby on Rails and Papervision 3d. I was given the opportunity to work with a lot of really great clients. Many of the projects allowed me to conceive the original design, refine those concepts, and then deliver the end product with very little guidance.