NC | Interactive Media Designer

Whitney Advertising - Park City, UT ( November 2007 - Present)

Since my introduction to Whitney Advertising, I have worked hard to deliver great web sites that go beyond the client’s expectations. Continually striving to outdo myself, I've delivered sites like,, and These sites integrate SWFaddress in order to optimize flash content for search engines while enabling the back button amidst a flash interface for an enhanced user experience. Additionally I’ve gained experience building shopping carts and authoring Content Management Systems with PHP and MySQL.

Neoscape, Inc - Boston, MA ( February of 2006 - October 2007)

Neoscape was a fantastic opportunity. When I came on-board, I was the only full-time interactive team member. This gave me the opportunity to work on 3d projects as well as video compositing/editing – while developing interactive projects. It wasn’t long before the demand for interactive projects grew to the point where I was no longer able to work on green screen projects with the video and 3d teams. It was my joy to produce web sites such as and with Neoscape. I also helped them to develop new products such as floorplan visualizers, eBooks, Media CDs, and Interactive DVDs.

Freelance Design Work (Summer of 2003 - Winter of 2006)

I returned to school in 2003 to finish my bachelor’s degree. I continued to work on freelance projects on the side. During this period, I also returned to cooking while working as a tournad-chef at Todd English’s King Fish Hall. I turned down an executive chef position at the Mission in order to return to my design career.

The Laidlaw Group, LLC - Boston, MA (May 2001-July 2003)

At the Laidlaw Group I had the opportunity to work on many large projects from start to finish. I personally managed several large web projects as well as corporate identity projects. I learned many tricks of the trade, including how to prepare art work for details like spot-varnish, die-cutting, embossing and pantone print jobs. Annual reports, equine videos, animated holiday cards, and T-shirt designs were among the host of projects I was delighted to work on.

Dirty Water Integrated - NYC, NY (June 2000 - Aug 2000)

This was an exciting summer internship opportunity for me. I was working with a large team on several important web projects including and My responsibilities included cutting up Photoshop files and turning them into HTML pages using javascript and CSS.


Ai New England Institute of Art - Bachelors Degree in Multimedia Design - 2006


After Effects
Final Cut Pro
Papervision 3d
3ds Max
Pro Tools
Swift 3D


CSS, java, javascript, lingo, html, dhtml, xml, perl, php, and actionscript 2 & 3


Design, illustration, animation, story boarding, editing video/audio, 3d modeling and photography.