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Völkl - 2010

The Völkl 2010-11 site is loaded with a wide array of social media tools. These tools give users the ability to share pages with friends throughout the web.

I custom programmed the one of a kind “faux-flash“ skifinder navigation system with zooming rollovers and hovering tool-tips. The homepage flash animations captivate viewers and call attention to this years most exciting innovations and developments from Volkl.

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I worked on the Volkl 2010 site at Whitney Advertising and Design in Park City, UT.

L5 - 2006

L5 Vegas is a fun all-flash site. The parrallax scrolling interface conveys a modern and hip look while allowing users to explore different sections. The traditional menu at the bottom is there for those who want to cut to the chase. Every subsection includes a short video transition designed to give the user a small reward for looking through each section.

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I worked on the L5 Site at Neoscape in Boston, MA.

One Brooklyn Bridge Park - 2006

One Brookyln Bridge Park was one of the first projects I worked on at Neoscape. Under the direction of Josh Presseisen and Rodrigo Lopez. I was tasked with working on the intro sequence along with compositing and editing some of the titles and motion graphics throughout the piece.

I worked on the One Brooklyn Park movie at Neoscape in Boston, MA.

Vertu Luxury Properties - 2007

VLP was the first project assigned to me when I started at Whitney Advertising and Design. This smooth all-flash website has all the bells and whistles, including a custom designed flip book, photo-flow, flash video, a captivating intro animation, and a liquid layout. Did I mention that I coded the site to allow the back button to work, even though it's an all flash site?

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I worked on the Vertu Luxury Properties website while at Whitney Advertising and Design in Park City, UT.

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Völkl - 2008

I went to great effort to put lots of details into textures in the interface of the 2008 Völkl site. Producing a sleek brushed metal effect in the background of the header and a futuristic carbon-fiber look in the background for the rest of the site. One of the things I heard most commonly from people when I showed them this site was "wow that loaded so quickly". The home page video sequence is a short loop designed to give the users a quick taste of "WOW" without making them wait a long time. The 2008 ski finder is a really great interface as well. It was inspired by my frustration with other ski sites which it would take a really long time to browse all their skis. This way you can see the whole lot of them at once with out having to fumble through any confusing categories.

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I worked on the 2008 Volkl website while at Whitney Advertising and Design in Park City, UT.

Platinum NYC - 2007

Platinum NYC was a fun site to work on. Every section of the site incorporates bits of video created by Neoscapes 3d rendering team. The site was designed by Dan Kaplan under the art direction of Leila Mitchell. I worked on selecting which video elements to incorporate into the site and programmed different parts of the site.

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I worked on Platinum NYC while at Neoscape in Boston, MA.

Equity 1095 - Movie 2006

The Equity 1095 movie was a fun combination of many technologies. I created The animated street maps in flash and then exported them as high definition video. I then brought them into After Effects and turned them into 3d layers which could be tilted and manipulated. CGI scenes were created in 3d studio max by Neoscape's 3d team. Then I was working with the compositing team to layer in real people who were shot in front of a green screen into the 3d scenery. After we had all the shots composed we edited them all together in final cut pro.

I worked on the Equity 1095 movie at Neoscape in Boston, MA.

Unified Safety - 2009

Unified safety presented a lot of technical challenges for me to solve. The client wanted an e-commerce site built in shopsite so that they could manage their products easily in house without having to contact a developer . The main challenge was in adding in a configurator that allowed the user to specify the arrangement of lights on their lightbars. The shopsite engine wasn't designed to accommodate such a tool and there weren't any plug-ins or add-ons that would meet our needs. With a little bit of clever ingenuity I was able to come up with an unexpected solution using a mix of JavaScript, css, and cookies to make everything work just fine. Site designed by Jim Whitney.

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I worked on the Unified Safety website at Whitney Advertising and Design in Park City, UT.

Marker USA - 2009

The Marker USA site was an interesting combination. Designer Polly Hopkins laid out all of the pages and I built them out . I also helped her to realize her concepts for the animations on the home page by creating them in flash.

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I worked on The Marker USA website at Whitney Advertising and Design in Park City, UT.

Avenir - 2006

Avenir was a bit ahead of its' time in that a lot of sites at that time were either all flash or all css, but seldom would you find a mix of the two. This site was right in the middle, with an html navigation and static text throughout the site. It also featured engaging flash content in almost every section. Overcoming the challenge to create a site that had a strong flash presence, but was still optimized for search engines.

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I worked on the Avenir site while at Neoscape in Boston, MA.

Challenger School - 2008

The Challenger School website was a really fun change of pace at the time. The Goal was to convey some of the core concepts that make Challenger School great in a fun and interesting way.

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I worked on The Challenger School website at Whitney Advertising and Design in Park City, UT.

Channing Penna - Website 2007

In 2007 Channing commissioned me to work on a site to help her to generate further interest in her art. She really wanted a simple framework that allowed her artwork to be the main attraction on the site. Channing was able to sell a good number of prints through her website and was even asked to do an exhibition in New York through a website referral.

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Bradford Gleim Baritone - Website 2009

Opera singer Bradford Gleim asked me to work on his website in the summer of 2009. With a limited budget, I wanted to be able to deliver something that was simple and easy for Brad to maintain on his own. The website conveys the breadth of Brad's talent through a diversity of roles and various venues. The site is integrated into wordpress which allows Brad to update his content whenever he feels the need.

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SNMNMNM - Music Video 2004

In 2004, the band SNMNMNM was completing their east coast tour making their way to Boston, MA. Having known some of the band members from days of old, I asked if I could bring school borrowed video equipment to their show at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA. The following day after reviewing the footage we decided on which song we wanted to feature in the music video. Using only the finest guerilla cinema tactics we set out to downtown Boston, MA to borrow some scenery. With a little clever editing it all came together quite nicely.

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